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Nineteen-Eighty Four

Paperback, hardcover

An indelible part of the 21st century social fabric and geopolitical reality, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four has gifted our culture these (now fundamental) concepts and much more.

Completed in 1948 and first published mid-1949, the public recognized the book’s biting satire of malignant bureaucracy and totalitarian overreach immediately. Part cautionary warning and part pitch-black absurdist autobiography, Orwell’s gritty alarm now rings more relevant than perhaps ever before.

Presented with the full, uncensored and unabridged 1949 text, a foreword by 1984 (the film) co-producer Al Clark, a comprehensive and illustrated introduction that situates the book in Orwell’s personal circumstances and the broader political and social framework with other key texts and notable additions. […]