The following are sample PDFs of Distant Mirror titles.


Bechamp or Pasteur? (Ethel Hume) – Download

The Blood and its Third Element (Antoine Bechamp) – Download

The Saxons in Britain (Thomas Miller) – Download

The Wheel of Health (Guy Wrench) – Download

The Soul of the White Ant (Eugene Marais) – Download

The Soul of the Ape (Eugene Marais) – Download

The Soil and Health (Albert Howard) – Download

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy (Nikola Tesla) – Download

Ten Acres is Enough (Edmund Morris) – Download

Franz Schubert – A Biography (Henry Frost) – Download

Response in the Living and Non-living (Jagadish Bose) – Download

Reconstruction by Way of the Soil (Guy Wrench) – Download

My Inventions (Nikola Tesla) – Download

Illuminati (Myron Fagan) – Download

Earthworm (George Oliver) – Download

The Day of the Nefilim (David Major) – Download

Air for Fire (David Major) – Download