Bechamp or Pasteur?

Ethel Hume


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“This was an extremely well done historical analysis of medical science, involving these two forerunners of germ theory and infectious diseases; but, perhaps for the very first time, the facts and the truth are revealed about these two men, especially the unacknowledged genius of Bechamp and how Pasteur, whose accomplishments were really quite modest, stole most of his ideas from Bechamp.” – Reader review

This expansive work covers the main points of contention between Antoine Bechamp and Louis Pasteur in depth sufficient to satisfy any degree of scientific or historical scrutiny, and it contains many detailed references to the source material and supporting evidence. This book confirms beyond doubt that much of Pasteur’s ‘science’ was a fraudulent and deliberately misleading reinterpretation of Bechamp’s work. In hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

The preface: R. Pearson’s Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter was originally published in 1942, and is a succinct introduction to both Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp, and the reasons behind the troubled relationship that they shared for their entire working lives.

Whereas Pearson’s work is a valuable introduction to an often complex topic, it is Ethel Douglas Hume’s expansive and well-documented Bechamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology which provides the main body of evidence. It covers the main points of contention between Bechamp and Pasteur in depth sufficient to satisfy any degree of scientific or historical scrutiny, and it contains, wherever possible, detailed references to the source material and supporting evidence.

Virtually no claim in Ms Hume’s book is undocumented. The reader will soon discern that neither Mr Pearson nor Ms Hume could ever be called fans of Pasteur or his ‘science’. They both declare their intentions openly; that they wish to contribute to the undoing of a massive medical and scientific fraud.

The text of both titles has been extensively re-edited so as to modernise the use of English, and make the book easier to read than has been the case with previous facsimile editions. Included are new renderings of all the diagrams that were included in the original edition of Mr Pearson’s Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter, plus there is a small collection of what photographs of Professor Bechamp are available.


Pasteur: Plagiarist, Imposter

by R. B. Pearson

Author’s Preface
1. The Prior History of the Germ Theory
2. Béchamp, Pasteur, and Fermentation
3. Vinous Fermentation
4. Béchamp’s Microzymas or ‘little bodies’
5. Silkworm Disease: Another Steal!
6. Pasteur also a Faker: Antisepsis
7. Are Biologicals Injurious?
8. Animal Serology: Anthrax
9. Statistics
10. Real Immunity

Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology

by Ethel Douglas Hume

Author’s Preface
1. Introduction
Part One: The Mystery of Fermentation
2. A Babel of Theories
3. Pasteur’s Memoirs of 1857
4. Béchamp’s ‘Beacon Experiment’
5. Claims and Contradictions
6. The Soluble Ferment
7. Rival Theories and Workers
Part Two: The Microzymas
8. The ‘little bodies’
9. Diseases of Silkworms
10. Laboratory Experiments
11. Nature’s Experiments
12. A Plagiarism Frustrated
13. Microzymas in General
14. Modern Confirmations of Béchamp

Part Three: The Cult of the Microbe
15. The Origin of ‘Preventive Medicine’
16. The International Medical Congress and some Pasteurian Fiascos
17. Hydrophobia
18. A Few Examples of the Cult in Theory and in Practice
19. Some Lessons of World War I and a Few Reflections on World War II
20. The Writing on the Wall
21. Conclusion


Alfa Vedic podcasts on Antoine Bechamp, plemorphism, and ‘the terrain’. This excellent discussion is based largely on this book.

Béchamp vs. Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax Part 1
Béchamp vs Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax Part 2
Viruses & Contagion, A Bioterrain Perspective w/ Dr. Barre Lando


Hume’s book will challenge your thinking

“For the few physicians that can think outside the box of their medical training, Hume’s book will challenge your thinking on the “disease theory” that has dominated American medical schools for the past century. It is very well researched and presents documentation from the Academy of Physicians of which both Pasteur and Bechamp were members. She presents excerpts of presentations, including timelines, for which both men supplied before the academy, and one will readily see the vast differences in intelligence and integrity between these two individuals.”

A major bifurcation point in medicine! 

This historical view of modern medicine, the germ theory, illustrates clearly how truth is circumvented in favor of the special interests of the powerful. The masses not privy to this information suffer needlessly when independent researchers who discover facts not in alignment with modern medical beliefs go unheeded. Modern medicine needs to return to this bifurcation point and take the pleomorphic path. When this phenomenon is truly understood drugs poisons will disappear as do all things which outlive their usefulness. This book is required reading for anyone choosing to understand how the body heals. –Kasmin E. Jefferson

Remove the veil of lies and revel in the truth 

We have been so ingrained for our entire lives to think and live our lives a certain way ingrained with a certain belief and thought system that so controls our lives. It is a bit challenging to begin this epic saga of removing the veil of lies, opening your concious thought patterns to something outside of our normal belief patterns and look at the evidence subjectively. There is so much to take in and I have to recommend a companion read which is where I actually got this title from. It is called Immunizations: The Reality Behind the Myth by Wallen James. Our child is autistic and these books are helping me to understand the actual science behind these new manmade designer diseases that are sweeping the globe. Very eye opening. Plan on reading them several times over to take in all the info. I am on my third read and it is like reading it for the first time……….again. – Tom Woolf

Compelling case 

A great account of the culture of those times. The book also discusses the background of both men and why they believed they had the right to comment about disease. – Beaver

Bechamp or Pasteur 

This is, in my opinion, a book which everyone should read – the facts, which have been so suppressed, need to be revealed to the whole world. – lulugator


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  1. Remarkable information that clearly identifies the tyranny of profitable corporate economics in alliance with medical fraud and corrupted science we experience with our current pandemic lockdown.

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