The Saxons in Britain


Paperback only. 285 pages, full colour illustrations throughout.

A history of Britain from prehistoric and Roman times, through the arrival of the Saxons, the development of the Octarchy, and up to the arrival of the Vikings and the reign of Aethelwulf, father of Alfred the Great.

Before the Saxons | The Dawn of History – The Ancient Britons – The Druids – Landing of Julius C├Žsar – Caractacus, Boadicea, and Agricola – Departure of the Romans – Britain after the Roman Period

The Saxon Invasion | The Ancient Saxons – Hengist, Horsa, Rowena, and Vortigern – Ella, Cerdric, and King Arthur – Establishment of the Saxon Octarchy – The Conversion of Ethelbert – Edwin, King of the Deiri and Bernicia – Penda, the Pagan Monarch of Mercia – Decline of the Saxon Octarchy – Offa the Terrible – Egbert, King of all the Saxons

Appendices | Anglo-Saxon Culture – Religion – Government and Laws – Literature – Architecture, Art, and Science – Costume, Manners, Customs, and Everyday Life