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Capsules A mix (powdered, in capsules). The focus here is shikimic acid, and the ACE-2 receptors. Black Cumin seed Fenugreek seed Dandelion root Fennel seed Star Anise Pine Needles A good tea for the immune system Fennel seeds Peppercorns Fenugreek Cloves Other supplements Dr Isaac Golden’s Homeopathics – email him at TRS link Astragalus link Vitamin D3 Zinc Fulvic acid ebay Shilajit ebay Food Leafy greens, as much as possible Tuna Sardines Butter Leeks Onions (especially red) (for the quercetin) link Some cheeses – (for the menaquinone) Dutch Gouda, Edam, Maasdam. Also French camembert. link Green tea (incl. Macha) Cocoa Capers (Quercetin) Asparagus (Quercetin) Apples (Quercetin) Red wine (Quercetin) Sauerkraut (for the menaquinone – aka Vitamin K2) Oils – Coconut, olive, macadamia, walnut, sesame are all fine. Anything to do with dandelion leaf or root – e.g. dandelion tea, coffee, etc. (works against Graphene Oxide) Buckwheat (good for your […]

Articles and extracts

Louis Pasteur, a vaccine, and fake numbers; a familiar tale

by David Major

Some creative number-crunching that worked like a charm in the 1880s is being used again.

When his new rabies vaccine was killing too many people, Louis Pasteur moved the goalposts, by declaring that for 15 days after being injected, people were counted as ‘unvaccinated’; thus removing an important subset of cases from the statistics.

The same trick is being played out today, allowing the myth of the ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’ to be spread by a compliant media.