The Wheel of HealthGuy Wrench

“The book is written analytically and with great summary. It explains how scientific research has transformed over the years and what studies have been done on certain populations of the East. Written in a very good way.”

The Soil and HealthAlbert Howard

Illuminati Myron Fagan

“If there was only one book to get on the subject, this would be it. Great history – should be required reading.”

“Useful to tie my knowledge segments together. Book explains why we should stay aware of new happenings to see if they tie in to the end of our Sovereignty.”

“Well I was also convinced that there is no illuminati at all. Many sources including this one proved me wrong again and again and again. This book is really good start to see what Illuminati supposed to be about.”

Ten Acres is EnoughEdmund Morris

“I am loving this book. It is so full of information that I can only read a little at a time. I need to read it twice and take notes the next time through. It all about permaculture before the word was even created. Everything in this book can be applied to today’s homesteading too. I cant wait to try some of these principals on my own 10 acres!”

The Blood and its Third ElementAntoine Bechamp

“This is an excellent book for knowledge seekers who do not take anything at face value. It is not an easy-read book but if you take the time to read and re-read you will gain valuable information that can strengthen your knowledge about the human body and all its elements especially the blood. I highly recommend this book for those wishing to expand their health related knowledge base.”

“I am LOVING this book! I thought when starting class “Oh great, a hard book to read” but it has totally surprised me, and I am now having a hard time putting it down! Great read for any one just looking to learn more about the body and blood and how things work in a dumbed down way!”

“Best book I’ve ever read on the fundamental elements of life. Bechamp is one of the geniuses of all time.”

“A book of utmost importance (although I did find it what one may term as a “heavy read) that will give you a different perspective on life and health. It also illustrates what happens when people blindly follow the “science” and refuse to ask questions of those who make arbitrary decisions on our behalf.”

“Traz conhecimentos que ampliam e aprofundam e evidenciam um mundo microscópico que pode ampliar a Arte Médica.”

Bechamp or Pasteur?Ethel Hume

“Remarkable information that clearly identifies the tyranny of profitable corporate economics in alliance with medical fraud and corrupted science we experience with our current pandemic lockdown.”

“An amazing alternative interpretation of biochemical history. A compelling account of Pasteur’s plagiarism and a strong reminder of the powers at work in the pharmaceutical and regulatory industry.”

“We have been so ingrained for our entire lives to think and live in a certain way… It is challenging to begin this epic saga of removing the veil of lies, opening your thought patterns to something outside of our normal belief patterns, and look at the evidence subjectively. There is so much to take in … I am on my third read and it is like reading it for the first time.”

“Especially as the result after during the news following the information from USA about the 32 vaccinations to which inhabitants by law are forced go get, I ordered this book, and I must say that it totally turned upside down my knowledge to Pasteur and vaccine.

Surprised after firstly in schools I was told that Pasteur was the chef, nearly the inventor, behind vaccinations, secondly was told that there are no possibly problems associated to the use of vaccinations, and besides, that vaccinations are the reason for many diseases now have disappeared.

And then here we are reading about how Pasteur actually was a plagiarist, an imposter, that did not fully understand quite all of what we are told that he knew. And to me it’s strange to realize that the 2 parts in this book actually were printed way back respectively in 1923 and 1942, so why has the truth about Pasteur and the vaccination been buried for so long?”

“Re-educate your self with this book, everything you were taught about germ theory and virology is wrong, Bechamp and his theory will make you re-think everything you thought you new about germs and viruses.”

The Soul of the White AntEugene Marais

“Strange. Esoteric. Dark. And strangely beautiful. An amateur biologist/entomologist heads into the veldt with a supply of morphine and a magnifying glass to study termites. And it’s as weird as that setup sounds. And because of that, it’s as different and enlightening as anything I’ve read on the natural sciences, integrating the observer’s soul and mind into the deep caverns of the termite.”

Reconstruction by Way of the Soil – Guy Wrench

“This is a really in-depth book about the histories that lead to farming as we know; the circumstances of changing relationship between Landowners, Labourers, Nobility, Peasantry, Church, Manure, Health and Moneys. Also explores histories from China, Rome and Europe England, Netherlands, Italy to Babylon. In all this would make a great resource book. – Dr Haji Kassim

The Soul of the ApeEugene Marais

“Thankfully the manuscript of this book (written in Afrikaans) was found and translated, albeit some years after Marais’ death. It is not only still relevant and insightful, it is beautifully written by a man whose passion for nature was thorough and spellbinding. Marais had to rise above many setbacks in his difficult life but he left us with treasures and a warning that gives one pause. Near the end of his life he could be seen wearing a gentleman’s white suit and walking to a river with several youngsters waiting to sit with him as he recited stories of his experiences in the primitive veld among the chacma baboon troop that allowed his research and companionship. Wonderful.”

Response in the Living and Non-livingJagadish Bose

My InventionsNikola Tesla

“Nikola Tesla is one of my history crushes. I’m a huge science nerd and anything about Tesla is entertaining to me given he was the father of so many inventions that we still utilize today. Thomas Edison may get more fanfare than neurotic, eccentric and phobic Nik, but Nikola was truly the individual who pioneered so many of the electrical items that we use today. Thomas Edison just “commercialized” them more, so he got more wide-spread approval.

I will warn you that these are the autobiographical notes of Mr. Tesla so they are done in his own words. This book is very data heavy and there are A LOT of technical terms that most people aren’t going to understand unless you’ve studied them and/or have read a lot of material on the subject. That being said, it really feels like you’re listening to Tesla explain his inventions and visions. I could almost picture myself sitting in a parlor with him, smoking a cigar and drinking some whiskey whilst we discussed the implications of such uses for his different inventions.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is already a Tesla fan and has an existing knowledge of the sciences used by Tesla.”

EarthwormGeorge Oliver

The Problem of Increasing Human EnergyNikola Tesla

Franz Schubert – A BiographyRobert Frost

The Day of the NefilimDavid Major