Antoine Bechamp vs. Louis Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax – Part 2

In episode 1 of this series, Mike recounted what he learned from reading ‘Béchamp or Pasteur?’, and some fun discoveries were made and discussed. In Part 2, Dr. Lando takes over to give us the full download on the history of the Germ Theory conspiracy and why geniuses like Antoine Béchamp have been erased from what used to be mandatory curriculum in Biology 101. How this omission keeps most doctors in the dark about our true biological nature and how it perpetuates the current runaway train we call Western medicine. Alfa Vedic is an off-grid agriculture & health co-op focused on developing products, media & educational platforms for the betterment of our world. This discussion is based on the book ‘Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter In The History Of Biology’, by Ethel Hume.


Antoine Bechamp vs. Louis Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax – Part 1

History can be cruel, and rewritten a hundred times over to fulfill the needs of those in control. This series of two clips from Alfa Vedic covers a story highlighting this fact to the 100th degree. The guys at Alfa Vedic delve into the mysterious lost truth of where modern medicine has derived its foundation from and how this path was created through fraud and hubris of one very celebrated man and the powerful elite behind him. Not only is this a fascinating tale of deceit and misinformation but a crucial lesson for those seeking to understand the modern Western medicine paradigm. This discussion is based on the book ‘Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter In The History Of Biology‘, by Ethel Hume. It is published by A Distant Mirror.


John Bergman on Viruses and the Germ Theory

Dr John Bergman gives an entertaining and informative presentation on the origins of germ theory, and the lack of science to support it. In fact, no human virus has ever been isolated and actually seen under the microscope or proven to cause any disease. He also discusses Dr Stefan Lanka’s German court case, which he won, by proving that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the measles virus. Dr Stefan Lanka’s medical article on the measles “virus”: Dr Stefan Lanka’s interview on “HIV”: This presentation compliments Dr Andrew Kaufmans’ on exosomes titled “Humanity is NOT a virus”, which you can watch on my channel with this link: Dr John Bergman’s website:


Terrain – the Film

EXPLORING THE TERRAIN PARADIGM….A MODEL FOR HEALTH THAT WORKS IN SYMBIOSIS WITH NATURE In 2020 Marcelina Cravat was introduced to the work of Andrew Kaufman M.D. when he was thrust onto a worldwide stage for debunking the mainstream narrative of a viral pandemic by sifting through all of the published documentation that justified a tyrannical worldwide lockdown. As the mandates rolled out Marcelina Cravat sought to satisfy her curiosity and concerns for truthful information and called Dr. Andy out of the blue, who fortunately on that day, picked up his phone. Marcelina, realizing she had a unique talent to present this valuable information to the world, sought to provide a strong outlet. Given the seriousness of the world situation and the public’s misguided perceptions of reality, there was no time to waste. The time was ripe, and quickly very interesting ideas began to take form and TERRAIN was born. Making […]


Louis Pasteur, a vaccine, and fake numbers; a familiar tale

by DL Major

Some creative number-crunching that worked like a charm in the 1880s is being used again.

When his new rabies vaccine was killing too many people, Louis Pasteur moved the goalposts, by declaring that for 15 days after being injected, people were counted as ‘unvaccinated’; thus removing an important subset of cases from the statistics.

The same trick is being played out today, allowing the myth of the ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’ to be spread by a compliant media.



A Refutation of Virology | Ekaterina Sugak

Ekaterina Sugak is a Russian naturopath and researcher. In this discussion of some of the problems in current thinking on viruses, she introduces us to the work of German microbiologist Stefan Lanka, thanks to whom we now have the a convincing refutation of some of the essential techniques of virology. Lanka conducted control experiments that refuted the methods virologists use to prove the existence of viruses. Narrated in English by Heather Bruno.