10. The Apple Tree

AND NOW they were a long while voyaging, and again they were without food and drink. So they suffered from hunger and thirst, until they came to an island with great cliffs all around it.

A single apple tree grew in the middle of the island. It was very tall, and all its branches were exceedingly slender and of wonderful length, so that they grew all over the hill, and covered the entire island, and hung over the cliffs and all the way down to the sea.

When the ship came near the island, Máel Dúin caught one of the branches in his hand and broke it off.

For three days and three nights the ship coasted the island, but they could find no entrance or way through the cliffs. During all this time he held the branch, and on the third day, a cluster of three apples had grown on the end. Each of these apples satisfied the hunger of the entire crew for forty days.


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