Albert Howard

The Soil and Health


Paperback, Kindle, Epub.

THE SOIL AND HEALTH is a detailed analysis of the vital role of humus and compost in soil health — and the importance of soil health to the health of crops and the humans who eat them. The author is keenly aware of the dead end which awaits humanity if we insist on growing our food using artificial fertilisers and poisons.

“Agriculture is the fundamental industry of the world and must be allowed to occupy the primary position in the economies of all countries.”— Albert Howard

1 – Soil Fertility and Agriculture: the operations of nature: systems of agriculture; soil fertility in Great Britain; industrialism and the profit motive; the intrusion of science.
2 – Disease in Present-day Farming and Gardening: diseases of the soil; the diseases of crops; disease and health in livestock; soil fertility and human health; the nature of disease.
3 – The Problem of Manuring: the origins and scope of the problem; the Indore Process; reception by scientists.
4 – Conclusions and appendices