Imperialism downloads

Imp 1/2 game files, maps, manuals, and editing tools.

The following is a collection of everything available related to Imps 1/2.

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  3. Imperialism Remake Project
  4. Imperialism Remake Community



  • Imp 2 Britain map beta 2 – An early version of a new map for Imp2, based (very loosely) on Britain during the period of the heptarchy. Playable powers: Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria, Jorvik, Normandy, and Ulaidh.  Any feedback and suggestions about this map is welcome. Read more about it.


  • ResHacker setup – ResHacker is a small utility which will open, view, edit and save the .gob files which Imp uses. The text strings (country and province names, etc) which Imp2 uses are in “str#eng.gob” and “str#enu.gob”. These are essentially the same file with different names; one is read by the US version of the game, and the other is read by the international version. ResHacker will also open the .gob files which Imp1 uses. In Imp1’s case, the .gob files also contain all the graphics and sprites.

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