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Imp 1/2 game files, maps, manuals, and editing tools.

The following is a collection of everything available related to Imps 1/2.

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Imp2 Britain map
  • Imp 2 Britain map beta 2 – An early version of a new map for Imp2, based (very loosely) on Britain during the period of the heptarchy. Playable powers: Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria, Jorvik, Normandy, and Ulaidh.  Any feedback and suggestions about this map is welcome. Read more about it.


  • ResHacker setup – ResHacker is a small utility which will open, view, edit and save the .gob files which Imp uses. The text strings (country and province names, etc) which Imp2 uses are in “str#eng.gob” and “str#enu.gob”. These are essentially the same file with different names; one is read by the US version of the game, and the other is read by the international version. ResHacker will also open the .gob files which Imp1 uses. In Imp1’s case, the .gob files also contain all the graphics and sprites.

  14 comments for “Imperialism downloads

  1. How timely, I just started playing Imp1 two weeks ago. Has anyone been able to get CDROM music to work with just available download?

  2. Hey DM, looks great, just a couple of questions:

    I downloaded both Imp1 and 2, both run fine, but I can’t tell if either is pre-patched.

    When I click on properties > details on the .exe files, both seem to indicate they may be patched (product version 1.1 and, respectively), but in-game I can’t find any reference to the patch number on either (I particularly remember seeing 1.03 in Imp 2 previously).

    Additionally when I try to patch either I get the same error: “Old file not found. However a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.”

    Any light you could shine on whether the game is already patched or not or if we need to change something for the patch to update would be much appreciated 🙂

    No rush though, thanks for your hard reorganizational efforts!

    • Justin, yes, they’re both patched already. Those numbers that you see on the property tabs of the .exe files are correct. No worries re the reorganizing, hopefully it’ll be of use to folks 🙂 – David

  3. Thanks for all your work DM! I rarely posted on Yahoo, but looked in from time to time. Imp2 is still one of my all time favorite games. Every year or so, I return to it for another go.

    Are the old threads from Yahoo going to make it here too?

  4. It looks like there is a collection of maps for Imp2 available to download. Can someone tell me how to download and install these (step by step please)

  5. I have , in addition to the Imp2 maps included under Imp2-maps above, Revised Europe and Revised Europe – Denmark. I don’t know who created them, and haven’t played them. Are they of interest?

  6. Wow, this page is great. I love playing Imp1 and 2, can’t even say which one is better. The different maps / mods are really interesting, just played some in Imp1 and just downloaded the Imp2 maps. I would love to edit/manipulate a little myself, Any hint where I could start educating myself? not a lot to do now anyways thanks to corona… I started looking at .map files with notepad++, but no idea how to manipulate things there..

    any help is welcome 🙂

    • just tried the “Italy” Map – it’s cool that you can play italy, but the names are all wrong – the city names in italy are the portugese and vice versa. Did I miss something or is this a known bug?

      Any chance to make Germany playable?

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