37. The Falcon

SOON AFTERWARDS, they saw a lush and beautiful island, covered with rich grassland, and with herds of oxen and sheep browsing over its hills and valleys; but there were no houses nor inhabitants to be seen anywhere.

And so they stayed here for some time, and ate their fill of beef and lamb.
One day, while they were resting on a hill, a large falcon flew across the island.

Two of the crew cried out: “See that falcon! He is surely like the falcons of Erin!”

“Let us watch him closely,” said Máel Dúin, “and see in which direction he flies.”

And so they watched the falcon, and they saw that he flew off to the south-east, without turning or wavering.

They went to their curragh, and set out to the south-east, following the path of the falcon. They rowed the whole day, and just as dusk was settling, they saw an island appear on the horizon.

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