35. The Island of the Flaming Wall

THEY CAME NEXT to a small island that was encircled by a high wall of fire that circled around the island continually, without pausing.

In the side of the wall was a single doorway, which was always open; and whenever this doorway, as it turned around the island, came to them, they could see through it the entire island, and everything on it. They could see men and women there, all of them beautiful and glowing with health, and wearing rich garments and jewellry, and they were all feasting and drinking with glorious golden vessels.

The crew marvelled at the beauty of the music that came across the water to their curragh, and for some time they could do nothing but gaze upon this marvel, for it was so lovely that they could hardly depart, so full were their hearts with happiness and joy at what they saw and heard.

But they did not venture to land, and eventually sailed on.

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