28. The Arch of Water

THEY SOON ARRIVED at another island, and here was another strange thing.

A great stream of water rose up in a column out of the sand on the beach — and then it arched like a rainbow over the whole of the island, until it descended into the beach on the other side.

The water was solid, like a beam, and the crew could pass beneath the arch without becoming wet. And when they lay down on the ground to sleep beneath it, they remained dry.

In the morning, they pierced the arch with their spears, and through the holes they made, huge salmon came tumbling down in such vast numbers that the whole island was soon filled with the smell of the fish, for there were too many fish for the crew to gather them all.

From Sunday evening until Monday evening, the stream never ceased to flow, and it never changed its place, or altered in any way, but remained spanning the island like a solid bow of water.

Then the voyagers, having filled the curragh with all it could hold of the largest salmon, left the island sailed out into the open sea.


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