12. The Island of the Bloodthirsty Horses

A MOST BEAUTIFUL island next came into view. On it they saw multitudes of large animals shaped like horses that were standing tightly packed together, one next to the other.

As they drew near, the voyagers watched as one of the horse-like creatures opened its mouth and tore a great piece out of the side of the animal that stood next it, bringing away skin and flesh, and causing blood to stream down its flanks and onto the ground. Immediately after, another did the same to the nearest of its fellows.

And, in short, the voyagers saw that all the creatures on the island kept worrying and tearing at each other in this manner; so that the ground was covered far and wide with the blood that streamed from their sides. The entire island was soaked crimson with their blood.

So they left that island swiftly, and were all in a state of desperation, for they were all sad, and complaining of feeling feeble and weak; for they knew nothing about this world, or where they were going, or how they might find help, or a safe place to land.


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